About Us

China-Africa cross-border tradings service platform

How we started

Founded by Dr. Zhao Haoxing in 2014, China-Africa Bridge began its mission to promote trading between African countries and China through the implementation of new trading models and concepts.

In recent years, we received increased support on constructing local warehousing and trading centers in Africa, effectively building more confidence in more Chinese enterprises to establish footprints in the African market.

Our footprints

By the joint efforts in promoting China-Africa economic trade presents great opportunities, we have successfully helped Chinese enterprises gain recognition, market presence, and connecting local distribution channels in Africa.  Began in South Africa, now we've reached out footprints in Nigeria, Uganda, Djibouti, Angola, Botswana, and expanding.

Dr. Zhao Haoxing

Ph.D. Marketing Science (DMSc)

Dr. Zhao has dedicated most of his life’s work to the study and research of China-Africa trade, who’s also a foreign aid expert & consultant to the Ministry of Commerce of China.

Professional Credentials


  • Professor & Ph.D. in Marketing Science.

  • Dean of China-Arica Economic & Trade Research Institute of Zhejiang Gongshang University.

  • Executive Dean of Hangzhou E-commerce Research Institute.

Professional Experiences

  • Presided over 20 National, Provincial & Ministerial Topics.

  • Published over 50 articles & papers in academic journals in “Management world” , “Economy Geography” and more.

  • Vice President of Zhejiang Modern Business Development Research Institute.

  • Providing consulting services to over 100 enterprises & government dept. on  business economy, business models, and brand marketing.


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